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About Tesco

Founded in 1978 by Chris F. Fette with the goals of providing the highest quality maintenance and repair tooling available and continually designing new tools to keep current with changing applications and challenges. The company soon grew into its first manufacturing facility in 1981. A machine shop was added in 1985 to tighten control over the manufacturing process and to assure quality through the machining operations. In 1989, TESCO acquired a local class-A weld and fabrication shop to complete the manufacturing process from start to finish. Since that time, we have invested considerable resources to maintain our technological edge by adding new and current CNC machinery, fabrication equipment, and personnel training. The machine shop contains seven individual CNC machines, as well as several manual stations. The weld shop is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, and all welders have obtained their Structural Certification. Our valued employees ensure manufacturing continuity and the highest standard of product quality.

TESCO currently manufactures and distributes over 2,000 different tools, including torque adapters, Torque Wrenches, hydraulics, pneumatics, specialty fixtures and heavy- duty lifting equipment. We currently serve every major domestic railway, the two locomotive manufacturers, and hundreds of railways worldwide. In addition, we are closely involved with various railway ergonomics and safety committees to create safe and user-friendly tools and applications. Our tools greatly enhance the productivity of maintenance personnel and allow work practices to be carried out in a safe manner—meeting OEM specified procedures.

All our tools and developments can be explored on this web site. Please contact us with questions or comments. Thank You.

Chris F. Fette President                                                                        
Mary T. Fette Secretary/Treasurer                                                         
Chris F. Fette Jr. Vice President                                                                    
John P. Fette Vice President


Our complete operation is housed in one 30,000 square-foot building, including a modern 6,000 square-foot office. The entire manufacturing bay is served by a 10-ton overhead crane; and, our fabrication facility is served by a custom jib crane/monorail system designed to handle even the most difficult material.






Our machining center now contains seven individual CNC machines in addition to a full complement of manual mills and lathes. It is important to us, even during the slow times, to upgrade and to maintain our resources in order to stay on the cutting edge of industry standards.

We have a custom certification platform with fixtures that allow us to certify under the hook-lifting devices to well over 150,000 lbs. All special assembly work is processed in a clean room to avoid any possible contamination.