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  T68041 - EMD Valve Lash Adjustment Tool


This tool allows a machinist to turn the screwdriver independently of the lock nut socket to adjust the rocker arm adjusting screw to the proper height, and then tighten and torque the lock nut while maintaining the proper screwdriver position.  The socket is welded to a standard 'Y' shank adapter for use with a T16491 Universal Torque Handle.


  T68050 - Torque Adapter Pin Depressor


This tool is used to depress the spring plunger on various torque adapters to install or remove from torque wrenches.


  T67280CP - AC Traction Motor Wheel Slip and Speed Sensing Tester


Accommodates GE and EMD AC Locomotives.

The tester is battery powered with charger and mounted on a cart for ease of movement.  It includes mounting locations that allow for GE and EMD speed sensing cables to be mounted directly to the tester.  The tester powers a 192 tooth gear that is proximate to the cable magnetic pick up.  The tester can be powered in both directions using a 75' cable and pendant that the electrician operates in the cab of the locomotive.  It has a range of 0-2800 RPM in both directions.

The tester helps identify faulty cables, cable connections, wiring faults and ensures proper operation of the AC wheel slip systems.

It is complete with a cable expansion for the location on the GE locomotive that prevents direct cable connection to the tester.


  T59570-TP90 - Bosch Fuel Pump Adapter Bolt Wrench


The T59570-TP90 is a standard T59570 Bosch Fuel Pump Mounting Bolt Adapter with a T200T-I torque handle pre set to 90 lb/ft and permanently pinned to the adapter.

  T68080 - Torque Tool Verification Fixture


The T68080 Torque Rundown Fixture is a fast and portable tester for air motors up to 1,500 lb/ft.  The fixture simulates the bolting operation by allowing a soft rundown as opposed to the hard stop of the traditional tester.  It is accurate to within 1% of the reading and can also be used to verify torque wrenches.

  T68070 - AC & DC Traction Motor Gearcase Bolting System


The T68070 is a complete Bolting System for both AC and DC Traction Motor Drive Gearcase Bolts.  The system can be preset with the proper torque and angle of turn settings for both motors and is accurate and repeatable to within 1 degree.  The air Motor has an integral transducer and angle encoder for precise torque installations, and only operates in the forward direction - the bolts must be removed with a separate air motor or impact.

This kit includes custom reaction plates and sockets for both motors.  Please specify voltage:  T68070 is 115 Volts / T68071 is 230 Volts.  Annual calibration of the Motor and Control Box is strongly recommended.

  T68060 - Tank Car Cover Bolting System


The Manway Cover Bolting System is used to properly torque the Manway cover bolts on all tank cars.  The air motor delivers repeatable torque values with regulated shop air and the reaction bar and hardware is all spark resistant.  This kit replaces inaccurate and damaging impact wrenches and reduces wear on fasteners and seals.  This kit includes a T50041 Air Control Kit.

  T85205 - Universal Engine Lifter

The T85205 Engine Lifter supersedes the previous designs and is a universal lifting platform that will accommodate EMD Engines, as well as GE FDL, Evolution, and Tier 4 Engines with and without the muffler attached. Please follow the link above for more information.

  T67760 - SD 70 MAC Air Compressor Lifter Appliance

This set  was designed to lift the SD 70 MAC Air Compressor.  The T64590A Arm attaches to the "C" Frame and the T67760S Spreader Arm straddles the length of the 4 cylinder compressor and picks the package level.


  T67840 - Torque Tester Fixture


TESCO now tests all GE Cylinder Hold Down Bolt Torques with a run down fixture that duplicates the hold down bolt configuration.

The torque reading on the certification sheet and sticker will be an actual reading of the torque applied in the application.

The T67710M Torque System is shown, the T16050 and T16051 motors are also tested with this fixture.

An actual GE cylinder hold down bolt, washer and anchor insert is used in the column minimizing variable in the test and assuring the same soft rundown as the true application.


  T67880 - FDL Stuck Power Assembly Removal Kit


This kit was developed to remove stubborn power assemblies from the mainframe caused by freeze of mechanical damage.


  T57173 - Hydraulically Adjustable C-Frame Manipulator

This tool is an upgraded version of our T57170 C-Frame Manipulator.  It features a lift point that is hydraulically adjustable.  It allows the lifter to hang in a level position while loaded and unloaded without having to unhook from crane to adjust the lift point.  This allows the manipulator to be more easily maneuvered into tighter spaces within the locomotive cab.

All current C-Frame Manipulator Appliances can be used on this new manipulator. 


   T51750GS - Cooling System Test Kit for Genset Locomotives

Test to be performed at 20 PSI.