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Special Services

TESCO has completed numerous projects and developments for railway applications. Many of these projects were one-time programs or a safety/ergonomic concern that required a unique solution. Custom TESCO projects include the following:

1) We were recently approached by a customer that was looking to utilize our "C" Frame Manipulator With Interchangable Appliances for their maintenance needs.  However the current standard design would not work for them due to interference issues.  We were able to design, build, and certify a modified version of our "C" Frame Manipulator that would work based on their space constraints.  This represented just one of many instances where we are able to either custom build or modify existing tooling to meet any length, load or space constraint you may have.  Please feel free to Contact Us with any custom application you may have.

2) The BNSF Railway Safety/Ergonomic Team contacted us regarding a solution for the safe lifting and replacement of signal batteries. The batteries weigh up to 140 lbs., and many of the signal stations are in remote locations. We developed a Universal Signal Battery Lifter that made the replacement a much safer and ergonomically friendly job. The design incorporates an adjustable handle, as well as an adapter, to allow two machinists to carry the battery. Straps and a protective shroud were also incorporated into the tool to assure that the battery is held in place.

3) Conrail recently acquired 40 locomotives that had most of the piping and mounting plates torched off before acquisition. TESCO fabricated, manufactured, tested and shipped all the replacement parts in five weeks time.

4) BNSF in Topeka, Kansas, required a Truck-Frame Lifting and Turning Fixture for their facilities. We designed, manufactured, tested to 150,000 lbs., and shipped a custom Turning Fixture-all within four weeks.

In addition, we have developed a number of tools to work on the rail car itself, including lifters for knuckles, draft gears, couplers etc. Various TESCO tools that do not quite fit into the GE or EMD section can all be found in the Car and Specialty tooling catalog.

Because of the large investment we recently made in our new facilities and equipment, we are now able to take on more diverse and larger projects than ever before. To view our state-of-the-art facility and get an idea of our machine and fabrication equipment, click HERE