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T18300 - 115 V. Magnetic Base Drill Kit - Drilling and Re-tapping Main Frame Cylinder Hold Down Bolt Threads - GE FDL
T18300 Magnetic Base Drill Kit Drilling and Re tapping Main Frame Cylinder Hold Down Bolt Threads GE FDL

    The magnetic base drill is used to re-drill and tap the engine main frame when cylinder hold down bolts strip. A plate with hardened liners fits into the cylinder assembly hole in the main frame. Two special hold down bolts are then inserted through the matching hardened bushings adjacent to the stripped hole, and tightened. The magnetic base drill fits on the plate over the hole to be drilled and is secured by the electromagnet. The drill can be precisely centered by the use of the swivel base on the drill stand, without removing power from the magnetic base. In this manner, the drill can be guided into the precision bushing. 
    The T18400 230V Drill is no longer available as a stand alone unit, however, we now offer a T18400T transformer that will connect with 230 Volts and transform to 115 V. These are available in 50 or 60 Hz configurations, and will allow the T18300 to work in locations that only supply 230 Volt power. Warning: secure power line to power outlet so the circuit cannot be interrupted. If power to the magnetic base is interrupted, the drill could fail and cause personal injury. 
    The drill stand is equipped with a two speed motor (250/500 RPM). It is suggested that the 250 RPM be used for drilling. A special tool is furnished to countersink the hole to the correct diameter. A tap and tap holder can be used with the drill motor to start the threads in the hole. Caution: DO NOT engage drill feed. Final tap by manual means when nearing the bottom of hole. 
    The magnetic base drill set accomplishes the precise job of drilling and tapping the holes for application of the hardened insert. Note: A complete set of instructions is furnished with each magnetic base drill set.

1 T18290  115 Volt Drill Stand
1 T18400T Transformer - 230V to 115V
2 T18360  Guide Plate with Hardened Fasteners
3 T18420  1 1/4" Cylinder Bolt Bushings (2 required)
4 T18430  1 35/64" Bushing
5 T18370  2 1/16" Bushing
6 T18340  Tap Holder
7 T18330  1 5/8"-12 Special Tap
8 T18380  2 1/8"-16 Special Tap
9 T18350  Counterbore Extension
10 T18310  1 11/16" Special Counterbore with Pilot
11 T18320  1 35/64" Drill
12 T18390  2 1/16" Drill
13 T18441  Guide Plate Hold Down Bolts (2 required)
14 T18450  2 1/8"-16 Repair Plug (6 supplied)
15 T50390  1 5/8"-12 Insert (6 supplied)
16 N405P19  Lockwashers (6 supplied)
17 T13221  Insert Wrench - shown on page B9

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